It’s difficult to give an accurate estimate of the cost of our services without first determining what exactly you need, what strategies we will use, and the level of complexity of your situation.  Our services are highly customized to you and as a result, the fee for our services will vary from client to client.

We are certainly not the cheapest CPA firm around, but we feel we are comparable in price to the general market for CPA services in Kitsap County.  We believe our clients find value and confidence in our services and understand that useful, accurate and practical advice is worth paying for.

That being said, we will list some price ranges for our various services in order to help you gauge the likely cost if you fall within the range of our typical client services.

Individual income tax return preparation for a fairly simple, itemized return with dividends and interest is usually less than $400. However, if you have real estate rentals, stock sales, business activity, tax credits, real estate sales, Roth IRA conversions, or any other complex tax issues, planning or strategy, you should expect your tax return fee to be more than $400. It is not unusual for our clients to be billed between $500 and $1,000. Bills higher than $1,000 are usually a result of very complex tax situations or many unorganized papers and receipts that create a lot of work and take much time to prepare. Organization definitely affects tax bills.  If you come in with an unorganized garbage bag full of "important tax information", you can expect a fee of $100,000.  :-)

Business tax return preparation typically ranges from $750 - $1,000 when a balanced set of financial statements is provided with your tax information.  Complex situations that require many adjusting journal entries, in-depth planning or corrections or situations that demand a significant time involvement by our CPAs and staff will be priced higher than this range. It would not be unusual to see a bill between $1,200 and $2,000 if that was the case.

Estate and trust returns typically range between $500 and $1,000, however, as with all returns there are always exceptions depending on the complexity and time involvement of the return.

A meeting with a CPA is included in all of our tax preparation fees. Several of our clients enjoy having a meeting with us every year. Many clients prefer not to schedule a meeting and will drop off all the information we need to prepare the tax return.  In those cases we will contact them during preparation when we have questions or if we need to discuss changes to the current tax reduction strategy. Either way, the tax return pricing remains the same.

Our year-end tax planning process for individuals and business is typically around $300.  Adding preparation of forms such as 941, W-2s and 1099s might add another $100-$200 depending on the amount of forms we prepare.

Our business accounting, payroll and reporting services are priced based on the time involved and the services we are to provide.  These services vary greatly in pricing depending on your accounting processes and needs.  A simple bank reconciliation and transaction input might be around $200 per month, while on-site bill pay, accounting, payroll and reporting might be somewhere between $1,500 and $2,500 per month.  State excise tax filings are around $75 - $100 per report prepared.  We offer contracts at a fixed amount once we determine the regular and expected level of service we will provide.

If you are looking for any other services not mentioned here, please contact our office to discuss pricing.